G70A-G70A G70G
EDITION 1875 AND 2225
PUBLISHED 4.6.2015

Flemming Brusgaard DK

Edition 50 each
Published 12.12.2014

Jack Sal USA
In 2001 when I was in residence at the Fundación Valparaiso in Almeria, Spain I saw the work of the Danish artist Albert Mertz for the first time. The next year I exhibited in Denmark for the first time and traded one of my drawings of for a drawing by Mertz* with a Danish collector. The following year I created Red/White, A Homage to Albert Mertz a site-specific installation dedicated to the artist at Senko Studio,Viborg, Denmark.
The stamps produced for are based on tape and pigmented ink drawings/paintings produced in Amman, Jordan in 2009 on the oc­­casion of the Jordan Festival commemorating of the Tenth Anniversary of the reign of AbdullahII ibn al-Hussein, King of Jordan. Made using the same technique as the Red/White drawings dedicated to Mertz, the works “make themselves” as the pigmented inks are absorbed by the cloth/silk tape into its weaved structure.
As in all my works they are the result of the interaction of materials and process which recording the passage of time and in measuring space create a context through which Art becomes and interacts with the World.
Jack Sal
New York December 2, 2014


  Sal’s installations, drawings, and photography have been shown and collected by such institutions as The Museum of Modern Art New York and the Museum Ludwig Cologne. In Italy he has participated in the Venice Biennale and The Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto. He lives and works in New York and Italy.  


Published 8.12.2014 
size 3,9x3,2 cm

Tony Garifalakis

Tony Garifalakis’
project for Bloodline/Family is a selection of twenty- five images from his Mob Rule (Family) and Bloodline series (2014).


This group of works is a collection of photographic portraits of European Royalty whose identities have been obscured through the use of black spray paint.

The construction of these sabotaged portraits echoes graffiti and its status as a clandestine tool for conveying rebellious social and political messages.

Mob Rule was exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney in 2014. Bloodline was exhibited as part of Whisper in my Mask: TarraWarra Biennial 2014 at the TarraWarra Museum of Art.

Tony Garifalakis is based in Melbourne, Australia. He uses a range of media, including photography, painting, collage and installation to subvert and posit doubt in systems of belief while also questioning the often inter-related mechanisms of surveillance, compliance and control. Central to the artist’s practice are questions of power and authority.


Edition 125 (125 print sheets)

Published 3.12.2014

Size 5,1x3,5 cm


Michael Coughlan

More than simply hybrids or blends of modernism, surrealism or conceptual art, Coughlan’s work moves beyond tribute iconography or sardonic homage to dated art fashion trends by tapping his existing surroundings in Los Angeles and own mortality. Lost desert landscapes unfold with new meaning when the literal translation of content or glorified remembrance of a specific art style is emptied out, jiggled up and poured back in.

Before painting or working with pastels begins, Coughlan’s drawings develop through a type of self- exploratory automatic writing. The pen on paper images then serve as model sketches for pastels, and later his paintings. Never incognizant of the medium being used or how to attempt the subversion of its conventions, Coughlan always shows regard for the particular qualities of a medium by occupying a position or representing a condition midway between the extremes of its differences and similarities to other mediums. His streams of intentionally melancholic distractions then filter through an idiosyncratic perception of the absurd to emerge as uniquely ordered, humorous and perfectly correct sense-giving strategies. For the viewer, the results become something more experiential and sometimes even inspirational.

Michael Coughlan’s solo exhibitions have been seen in Europe, Los Angeles and New York. He earned an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 1991 and a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design for Painting in 1988. He is the recipient of a Pollack-Krasner Foundation grant (1996) and was a recent resident artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Michael Coughlan have several times exhibited in Stalke Galleri through the years


Daniel Magnusson   (IS)

Daniel Magnusson´s  works are thought to be posters, that is they are not categorized as graphic prints from traditional printing methods of graphic artist where the drawing it self is transmitted through the crafts of the artist and therefore more physical and personal.
Daniel Magnusson´s drawings or posters are printed in large formats, they are printed on a high end paper
(Hahnemühle 310 gr) with a high quality ink. The method of making those prints are not of great value, they are done in a computer software and thought of as a computer generated work of art.
The work themselves are timeless metaphors of personal and political entities. They are in a way naïve and irresponsible but at the same time I attempting  a balance of rhetorical vision and permanence of significance or meaning.

Edition 280
Size 3,2x3,9 cm
Published 13.11.2014

Jenny Watson

Jenny Watson was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1951. She majored in painting and later took an Education qualification. She always creates works which reflect what is on her mind, memories of childhood and her relation to the outside world. She often paints on colourful and patterned fabric or linen and also makes works on paper. More specifically she paints animals and situations she directly experiences and memories from her suburban Australian upbringing. Up to this point in her career she has had sixty solo exhibitions in Australia, as well as more than fifty solo exhibitions in Europe, Asia, India, New Zealand and the United States. She was the Australian representative in the 1993 Venice Biennale. In Japan, she had the exhibition entitled "Child's Play" at Art Gallery, Yokohama Museum of Art in 2003.

from 2.11 to 14.12 2014 Jenny Watson has a solo Exhibition at Gallerie Transit

Garden of Eden & Childs play

The new works exhibited in Transit gallery were made at CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France in July and August 2014, using locally sourced fabrics such as red and maroon furnishing fabric, chiffons, and voiles.

Gallerie Transit

Zandpoortvest 10

2800 Mechelen



Woman in a Blindfold

And Sleepwalker

Edition each  2100

Stamps size 3,9x3,2 cm

Publishing day 31.10.2014



Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson has long been renowned for his landscape photography
Sigurgeir Sigurjonsson was born in Reykjavík in 1948. After studying photography in Iceland from 1965 to 1969, he pursued furhter education at the Christer Strömholm School of Photgrapy in Stochom in 1970-1971 and studied privatly in San Diego, California, in 1980-81.
After returning to Reykjavik, he worked as an asvertising photographer for 20 years.

Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson has published numerous books. His first Svip-myndir, came out in 1982 and in 1985 Horses and then his first collection of landscape photography, Landscapes, in 1992. These were followed by some of the most popular photo books about Iceland and Icelanders ever published: Iceland-the Warm Country of the North (1994) Amazing Iceland (1998), Lost in Iceland (2002) , Found in Iceland (2006), Made in Iceland (2007), Icelandic Horses (2008) Little big book about Iceland (2010) Lost in Argentina (2011) that was published by Lariviére in Argentina, Earthward, Aerial photos (2011) and Iceland Small world (2012)
Together with Unnur Jökulsdóttir, Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson worked on the book Icelanders, which was published in 2004.

Sigurgeir had an exhibition in in Danmark, at Stalke Gallery (2008) with photos from the upcoming book Earthward.
He also had an exhibition in France, Festival Les Boréales.(2008) Where he dispayed photos from the book Icelanders.

Title: Small world, Iceland
Published 16.10.2014
Edition 2520

Ivar Vargardsson

Ívar Valgardsson’s (b. 1954) art is quiet and contemplative, with references to minimalism and conceptualism. Working with materials typically used for home renovation, such as wall paint,
tape, and filler, Ívar questions the interaction between the properties of a work of art and the properties of its setting, which often begin to overlap. In addition,
his interest in the words and ideas we attach to colors leads him to explore how our experience of color in nature might differ from our experience of color in built environments.



„Spill“ are photographs of carefully chosen drops of housepaint which have fallen on sidewalks beneath walls after being painted.

I like the notion that there are no accidents, that all actions are opportunity for a new creation.

Size: 39x32mm
Published 16.10.2014




Published 25.9.2014


Edition 200 each (Stamps Sheet in combination)
Size 52x39mm
Publishing day 18.9.2014

Mother and Child and Lost in forest
Edition 480 each
Size 52x39mm
Publishing day 18.9.2014

Jeffrey Hargrave homepage


This is the third edition of artstamps by Søren Dahlgaard.
On the occasion of the TarraWarra Biennale 2014 the TarraWarra Museum of Art, Australia commissioned a new series of Dough Portraits to be produced by Søren Dahlgaard for this Australian Biennale.
72 new images we produced at the museum of which 19 are selected for the artstamp sheet.
The central and enlarged portrait of well known indigenous Australian actor Jack Charles stands out, not just the image but also the life and story of this inspirational and celebrated actor.
The Australian Dough Portraits series marks the 14th country Søren Dahlgaard brings this project to, since the first series where produced at The National Art Gallery Denmark in 2008.

Published August 2014


These two new art stamps represents my latest project 'DEEP STORAGE
PROJECT'. Two similar 11 meters tall steel star sculptures was created. One
contains blood and hair samples of 4000 people and is sunk into the Marianas
Trench in the the Pacific Ocean and the other one is empty and placed on
land in the city of Vejle in Denmark. The project is an investigation of
human relation to death and eternity, and art stamp will only add more space
for poetic reflection.

Thanks. Kristian von Hornsleth 2014

Published 28.05 2015
Edition  840 each
Size 32x39mm




GUNNAR ÖRN GUNNARSSON AT ARTSTAMP.DK is pleased to announce four new Artstamp by the Icelandic Artist Gunnar Örn Gunnarsson (1946–2008).

Örn is A self-taught artist who has become one of Iceland’s leading artistic figures nationally and internationally, Örn was discovered by Guggenheim museum curator Edward F. Fry, who was an early champion of his work. Örn´s paintings of the 1980s contrast with the more abstract style of many of his Icelandic contemporaries, including those of his close friend Olafur Eliasson, whose mentor he was. Initially inspired by the nation’s traditional artistic concern with nature and the human connection,

Eliasson writes about his friend, "It was Gunnar’s ability to transform landscape forms, whether symbolic, metaphoric, or naturalistic, that taught me not only to see the world around me but to consider our movement through the landscape as an inseparable part of it." (2009)

Örn lived in Kambur, Iceland, in close contact with the landscape and wildlife that inspired his work so strongly. Örn represented Iceland  at the Bienal de São Paulo in 1985 and at the Venice Biennale in 1989. His works are in public collections like, The National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik, The Seibu Museum, Tokyo, Guggenheim Museum, New York The Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Örn also exhibitions at Moeller Fine Art, New York in 1985 and 1989 and by Stalke Gallery, Denmark in 1996, 2000, 2004 and in 2007.
Moeller Fine Art shows him again on Art Basel, and Moeller Fine Art, Berlin I 2010 and 2014,
The title of the Artstamps ”Link to a Memory” is from Örn last exhibition in Stalke Gallery in 2007,
The stamps will be published May16th. and will also be a part of the exhibition at Gallery Corridor, Reykjavik  ”Artstamp on Iceland”  open May 16th. 2014, curator Sam Jedig
The Title: Link to a Memory
Edition 1080 and 550
Publish day 16th May 2014



G53A Selfportrait as St. Sebastian by Andreas Boscoli
G53B Young boy and a Pinguin
G53C Born out there
Edition 560 each
Size 39x32 mm
Will be published May 16 th 2014


Material Tantra l and ll, 2007.
What great paradox!
In the two artstamps, Material Tantra I and II, the chakras (energy points in the body) are replaced with material objects, medications and drugs.

* Tantra is a meditative way of life and philosophy that has sexual aspects.

PUBLISHED 8.5.2014


Jeffrey Hargrave lives and works in New York City. Originally from Salisbury, North Carolina. Mr. Hargrave's

paintings, sculptures and video's are centered around his upbringing and surroundings in the south.
He had his first major solo show at, Tricia Collins Contemporary Art in -New York(1998).
And has since exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Africa. He will be having his first Major Museum Exhibition
at the, Bronx Museum of the Arts in (Winter,2015). He is represented by :Phatory llc. New York, NY.

And, Contemporary Art And Editions, New Jersey.

Title: The boat i used to escape in as a Child
Published 2.5.2014
Edition 1680
size 39x32mm




BARBARA ANNA HUSAR plays with the concept of evolution. There is no contradiction in that she is playing with the concept of creation at the same time, with the creative act, which the theory of evolution knows nothing about. She connects nature (evolution) and creation (art) through her search for primary potentials.

In doing so, BARBARA ANNA HUSAR uses the media of animated cartoon, painting, photography, performance, drawing, installation... her flying eggs are embedded in this web along with various other subjects, for instance her objects consisting of interlinked chip pans.
For BARBARA ANNA HUSAR the important thing is always to take care of the flow, transferring energy by never really switching off her smile and a generous breath of amorous fulfilment every now and then. Eggs are definitely significant in this regard. There is no symbol more feminine.

For BARBARA ANNA HUSAR, all this ties in with her on-going major project, started in 2007, a hammock consisting of the umbilical cords of goats from the desert of Sinai. The flying eggs turned up in drawings only last year, very fresh, they have already become fundamental to the further evolution of her inventive games.
For BARBARA ANNA HUSAR drawing is both a start and an ending as well as a transition state of all her phases. Her roots are in this medium. But the drawing branches out in multimedia-based unpredictable ways. As far as the web is concerned, a plan is held in her hand, calmly, just like an egg, flying.

Barbara Anna Husar is a visual artist, performer, director and writer from Austria. She studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, received the Austrian State Scholarship and is Hubert Berchtold awardee. The artist lives in Vienna and has a flock of goats in the desert of Sinai (EG). In Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai and Bilbao she was inter alia artist in residence. Her international activity in the exchange of information between cultures, fields of knowledge and artistic media she pictures with "I am a part, intermediate part and particle accelerator".

Published 4.4.2014
Edition: 840 each


Cordy Ryman , born 1971,New York City
Ryman earned his BFA with Honors in Fine Arts and Art Education from The School of Visual Arts in New York in 1997

Ryman’s artwork is characterized by recycled wood and metal painted and reconstructed with sculptural elements, mimicking the traditional canvas in their display. The materials Ryman uses include wood, gorilla glue, scrap metals, studio sweepings, acrylic and enamel paints and other found objects. When working with wood, he often keeps the rough jagged edges visible. This creates a very tactile surface. Ryman alters the surfaces of his artwork to change the appearance but still allows for the character of the materials to be recognized.

His works range from small to large and often interact with the spaces in which they are presented. When Ryman works on a smaller scale his paintings tend to be saturated with paint transforming the nature of the scrap materials he works with. The undulating surfaces of these works push the boundary between sculpture and painting.

Title: Wall press 4
Size 39x32mm
Published 19.3.2014
Edition 2100. (50 print Sheets)


Mogens Otto Nielsen represents the generation of Danish concept artists who since the early 1960s has made its mark in the international experimental avant-garde.
His special characteristic is his involvement in the global mail art genre.

Mogens Otto Nielsen  entire repertoire is enormous and unique. also video, and land art projects have been under development since, most recently in the workshop "ATMOSPHERE CONTROLLED".
Mogens Otto Nielsen have also arranged several Mail Art events.

Published 28.11.2013

U P C O M I N G   2014:

Helgi Fridjónsson, Maj 2014
Gunnar Örn, 2014
Kristian Hornsleth, 2014

Margrete Sørensen, 2014

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